Game Up To Wake Up
Game Up Alarm Clock

Multiple Caffeine Powered Alarms

When it’s time to wake up you will have to play one of the two caffeine powered games to silence the alarm. (More games with even more caffeine coming soon!)

Progressive Wake Up Alarms

The app’s goal is not to scare you with it’s blaring sound. Instead, the volume will gradually increase, enabling you to wake up naturally.

Ridiculously Good Looks

If you want your app to look like a digital clock, then this isn’t the app for you. If you want a sleek looking clock that changes colors to match the mood of the day, you came to the right place!

Wake Up How You Want

Wake up to one of our preloaded sounds or select one of your favorite songs from iTunes.


Joey Babi

Meet Joey Babi, Creator of Game Up Alarm Clock

Hi, I’m Joey and I’m a recovering snooze-addict. The domino effect from sleeping in was a burden on my whole day. Since I created Game Up Alarm Clock, I now hear the birds chirp in the morning, catch the newspaper from the paperboy, and have more time to brush my teeth. Game Up is my mental morning jog; it helps me be alert in the morning — setting the tone for my day. I hope it does the same for you!

  • This app is absolute genius. I can finally wake up on time and excited. I love that to snooze the alarm you have to beat the game, no more missing meetings for me! Did I mention how awesome the games were? Right now there are two games, and it looks like more are on the way – I can’t wait!

  • This has to be the most clever app I have ever come across. Super simple and easy, just set it and sleep. When you wake up you’re in for a surprise, you have to beat a game to shut the alarm off. The games aren’t super difficult but they do need you to be awake and alert to beat them and that’s where the genius is!!!

  • I hit snooze way too much and end up late. I tried this and it’s been working.