We Gave You Morning Would, Not Recurring Alarms

There has been a great deal of emails and reviews in regards to Game Up. In fact, the emails and ratings we received read along the lines of, “Y U NO PUT RECCURING ALARMS?!?!?!”


I truly understand this thought’s origin to its entirety. I bet you are probably thinking, “if you ‘truly understand’ why we want it, why leave it out in the first place Joe?”

There are two types of reasons why I decided to omit it: Technical Uh-Oh’s and, what I like to call, “Morning Would.”

Technical Uh-Oh’s

We’ve all been through school or have had some sort of authority figure in our lives. Here at Game Up, aside from listening to the warning labels on electrical boxes, we also have to listen to Apple and follow their protocol. I’m not here to complain about Apple’s rules, simply because without the rules the App Store would be packed with garbage. Thus, because of these rules, Game Up has a few things it needs to get you from waking up to gaming up.

First, For Game Up to work it has to be open in the foreground in order for Game Up to be able to take control of your speakers and the volume they playback on. When our app runs on the foreground we can tell your DND setting and silent setting to go “suck on a lemon” because we are in the driver seat. So having users open the app to set your alarm ensures that you have us open and in the foreground (we’re so sneaky). 😉

Second, We can’t lullaby you to sleep. Call me crazy but one of my favorite features is the lullaby you hear when setting an alarm (it’s the little things.) It is our way of saying “it’s going to be a good nights sleep and we have your back like a backpack!”

“Morning Would”

My friends can attest: I am a person who is very passionate and extremely focused. With that said, even without the technical uh-oh’s, Game Up would not have a recurring alarm setting – here’s why.

Some of you may argue that having recurring alarms would be more efficient; it allows you to focus on what’s important. Albeit, that is true to an extent, however, in this situation, consider this thought from Tim Ferris – “Being efficient without regard to effectiveness is the default mode of the universe.”

In other words: efficiency in your alarm setting is nowhere near as effective as setting your alarm by hand everyday.

A recurring alarm does more damage than good because it is out of site and out of mind. The problem with recurring alarms is it eliminates your chances of having “Morning Would.” Morning Would is what you would do in the morning when you wake up. Setting your alarm every night makes you think of what your morning would is before deciding when to wake up.

Honestly, I think if you thought about why you’re waking up (aka your morning would) and what time you needed to wake up to get it done then you wouldn’t have a problem getting up. When it comes to getting out of bed, purpose is the most powerful aid.

What we did was put games in your alarm as insurance that fulfills your purpose – being awesome day in and day out.

Perhaps the best way to visualize the difference between a recurring alarm clock and one that has to be set manually is like two different parents. One parent tells you to wake up at 4 AM because they said so. The other parent tells you to wake you up because if you do then you will have more time to do awesome things that day.

Which parent is easier to listen to? I would have to side with the parent that is encouraging you to look forward to the day ahead.

I hope this answered Game Up’s most frequently asked question.


Joey B

PS. I would love to hear about your Morning Would in the Comments! The person with the best Morning Would get’s a $10 gift card to Amazon. (US only)

PPS. My Morning Would is waking up at 5 AM every morning to workout/exercise.

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